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“This is a painting I did for my little cousin who will soon be going through a bone marrow transplant. I hope that every time she looks at it she will feel brave and strong.”
Qavah the Brave by ~Wes-Talbott


Contemporary Art Week!





This is a painting I did for my little cousin who will soon be going through a bone marrow transplant. I hope that every time she looks at it she will feel brave and strong.”

Qavah the Brave by ~Wes-Talbott


Contemporary Art Week!


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In Which Diversity Isn't a Myth →



Ok. I’m tired of the typical vampire, werewolf and fairy.I’m also tired of the occidental-centrism in mythology. Hence, this list.

I tried to included as many cultural variants as I could find and think of. (Unfortunately, I was restricted by language. Some…

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Hello Again;

I’m uploading spare old and new stuff;

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One of my favorite artists is on Tumblr now. Check our Sergi! He is incredibly talented!

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Northwest Press is still out on the east coast doing shows (come see us at PAX EAST this weekend!) and we’ve picked up some fun new books along the way.

Eth’s Skin by Sfē
The first part of a gorgeous, quiet fable set in an alternate version of a Canadian seaside town with selkies, merpeople, and land-dwellers. Wonderfully gender-ambiguous/free, beautifully drawn, and has a story that will draw you in within just a few pages.

Connecticut Queercore and Punk Against the Patriarchy
Great little zine that hopes to unite like-minded punks and promote stuff that goes against the grain of the dudebro punk scene.

Uranus #0
In which Carlo Quispe shares lots of STI/HIV testing info for New Yorkers, drawings of the facilities, and little stories of the folks who pass through their doors.

NJ: The Legend Reborn with a Twist
Part one of a story about a demon child born in 1750 in New Jersey, who ends up a captive in a circus sideshow. Reminded me of Any Hartman’s “Amy Unbounded” in places, because of its whimsical and sweet depictions of the characters, but the overall story is darker and more menacing. I want to see more!

Electronic #1-3
A wild ride with artificial humans, death and rebirth, multiple copies of people—who is real? There’s so much packed into these first three issues that you’ll want to read and re-read them to get it all. It’s worth it!

FAQNP: FAQNP’s A Queer Nerd Publication Issue 4
A great, thick zine about queer nerdery, with an interview with Paige Braddock (Jane’s World), a comic about synthetic exes by Lawrence Ferber and Kelvin Lo, “Hot Men of the Monster Manual” by Bill Roundy, some trippy Battlestar Galactica slash fic, an essay about Phillip K. Dick by Tom Cardamone, and tons more.

You’re Doing it Wrong! #4-5
Fantastic feminist musings from Stevie Wilson that will have you nodding your head, gritting your teeth, and laughing out loud. Excellent personal explorations of queer and female identities, costumery and clothing, mansplaining, and comics culture gatekeepers.

DASH: The Case of the Mysterious Zita Makara
A really well-executed gay detective noir story with enough twists and turns in the first issue that you’re immediately hooked and need to know what happens next. (There will be some exciting news about DASH very soon!)

Hari Kondabolu Tries to Discuss Race on Morning TV →


Hari Kondabolu appears on “Good Day NY” on Fox 5  on and soon discovers race is even more difficult to discuss on morning television. Aired on April 9th, 2014.




i’m watching the entire A Different World series over again. in this scene Dwayne is asking Walter about an issue of women/sexual consent because he is concerned about a man Freddie is dating.

Dwayne: so its not my job to “get her off the hook” or to help her give it up…?

Walter: man, if you think that’s your job, your next job will be pressing license plates

Dwayne: *shocked* get outta heeere

Walter: man, what you’re talking about is rape

Dwayne: No, no Walter… this isn’t some wacko in the bushes with a raincoat, this is you and your honey

Walter: I don’t care man, if a woman says no, and you don’t listen to her, it’s rape. plain and simple. case closed. ten to twenty.

(we are in desperate need of good Black shows like this to return. desperate.)

SN: where are you watching DW? link?

It’s on Hulu+ now! Before that recent acquisition, I watched it on Centric on Television or in low quality three-part episodes on YouTube. Those might have been taken down now that it’s on Hulu+. 

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Tristan J. Tarwater’s Valley of Ten Crescents Series
Print-on-Demand/Digital Book Cover Layout & Sigil Designs

Featuring original artwork by the ever-incredible Amika.


what if the coins you find randomly at the bottom of drawers and in between couch cushions are actually from spiders trying to pay rent

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Kyisha and Scout drawings done to entertain missgreeney and myself.

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